Hello fellow Ship Mates


During my service in the US Navy,

I was a Boatswain mate.

bm2    collarpo2

I made BMSN or 3rd class while on the “Goose”

and then Boatswain mate 2nd class.

I worked out of The Bosn’s Locker and

the #5 hole and enjoyed my turn at the winches.

I helped at the #4 hole when necessary and While

at general quarters, I helped man the #4 gun turret.

From the very beginning there

were Boatswain Mates:

Birth of the US Navy

About Boatswain Mates:


These first two references are from Wikipedia,

not always the most accurate resource,

however for learning general History of Boatswain mates,

they are both fairly good and easy to understand:

Boatswain Mates

US Navy Boatswain Mates

Ask Boats


The Bos’n Locker

Deck Department

Chief Petty Officer Heritage

Navy Traditions – The Boatswains

You’ll never do the same thing twice

Unmooring a ship as it is done in the Navy

The history of the Boatswain’s call or “Pipe”

Naval Weather and Oceanography: The Fifties

What the well dressed Boats was wearing in 1864


Jamie’s Nautical Calculator
This Script was designed to calculate different Nautical Calculations. The Hull speed section was designed for only sailboats. A few common terms and prefixes are below. Remember a Hull speed only works for boats that can’t plane…
The letters LWL refer to the Length Of Water Line on your boat.
Enter Your LWL:

Enter The Wave Length:

Enter The Miles:
Enter The Kilometers:
Enter The Knots Value:
Enter The Knots Value:

Script by: Jamie Beyore


You can contact me at:

ussbetelgeuse at



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