Some of the “Goose” Crew


Crew pictures kindly contributed
by ship mate Bob “Skinny” Scannell.

If any of these belong to you please contact
me so that your name can also be credited.

Additional Crew pictures would be appreciated
from any mates who may have them.

Please contact me at: ussbetelgeuse


LCDR Philip M. Armstrong
July 4, 1929 – June 8, 1967

Please see this page dedicated to him:
LCDR Philip M. Armstrong





In Remembrance:

James (Jim) Mastone, a “Goose” Crew Member 1963-1967.

Thanks to Bobby Cribb for his recent email about his passing.


Spence Rode, J. T. Taylor & Whitey?
Ireland 1962 – 63

Ensign Thompson

Romolo Augustine and Jimmy Travis
July 1962

Ben Coleran and T.A. Smith
July 1962


Like her predecessor the USS Betelgeuse (AK-28/AKA-11),

the USS Betelgeuse AK 260, stopped at many ports:

Scotland, Cuba, Spain, Morocco, Sicily,

Jamaica, Haiti, and Gibraltar.


While on the “Goose” I crossed through the

Bermuda Triangle and the equator

and ported in Kingston, Jamaica once.

While in the Navy I had liberty in

France, England, Italy and Greece.


I made many trips to Scotland in the two years

that I spent on the “Goose” and many liberty

trips to fulfill my mother and Grandmothers

lifelong dream of seeing the Blarney stone in Ireland.



You can contact me at:

ussbetelgeuse  at



7 comments on “Crew

  1. Howe Denise says:

    My uncle was on that ship. I would like to know about him and what he did on the ship and his rank. He never spoke about it but I found his reunion mug; but he since passed away. I I can get anything, I would deeply appreciate it. Thank you


  2. Ronald P Haase says:

    I served on board from 1961 thru 1963 as a Boilerman .Served under BTC Fuller who taught us all to be great sailors and Boilerman .I tried to find info on shipmates but ran into a wall ,any help would be appreciated .

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Earl W Hughes Nashville, TnN says:

    I served on the “Goose” from 1966 to 1968. Can any one tell me the name of a Senior Chief Petty Officer gunners mate who served on The Betelgeuse at the same time. He was short and stocky and a great guy. he would be about 79 years old. Thanks, Earl Hughes


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