Military Events


Arlington National Cemetery


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April 12 – 14, 2012

Defending Freedom Wounded warrior Weekend

Deland, Florida

Learn more about this event here:

Wounded Warrior Weekend


The “Goose” Reunion

As many of you who come to this web site may already know,

we have a Ship’s Reunion every year in Charleston, South Carolina.

We attended this event twice, but had some concerns about

things that happened, so have not returned for a few years.

This year so far, only one person has sent their money in for the reunion,

And Arthur is dealing with some personal family health matters.

Also this year, there have been some new ideas and suggestions

about the Reunion from several members of the Crew.

If you would like to offer your ideas, suggestions or just comment

about the Ship’s Reunion and its future,

please contact either:

Bobby Cribb – Chaplain
USS Betelgeuse Reunion Association
Phone: 843 821-8540

Timothy Gorman
phone: 301 657-3222


Memorial Day Events Nationwide

Arlington – DOD Live

Central Florida


Los Angeles

New York Area


Tri-State (IN/OH/KY)

Washington D.C.


Find a VA Memorial day ceremony near you

 History of Memorial Day

Other Event Listings

Laying the Flags at Arlington

May 25, 2006

U.S. Army soldiers of the 3rd U.S. Infantry,

the old guard Laying the Flags at Arlington




You can contact me at:

ussbetelgeuse at



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