Veterans Organizations


 On board the USS Repose,  “Angel of the Orient”
A Wounded American Soldier is being cared for by a Nurse.
October 1967

Photo credit: R. D.  Moeser – NARA


This page lists Veterans Organizations

that are dedicated to making the lives

of our service men and women better.

The care offered by these Organizations may

include physical or emotional care, or both.

If you or your Organization would like to be

included here, please send me an email.


*The only requirement for inclusion here,*

is that you or your group do not charge

any veterans a fee for your service.

They have already earned our gratitude for life.

If you are a Veteran who would like to talk,

please feel free to write to me,

I am a Viet Nam Vet, a good listener

and have been there too.



Veterans Organizations:


Camp Patriot

Community of Veterans


Military One Source

National Coalition for homeless Veterans

National Suicide Prevention for Veterans

National Veterans Organization

Project Healing Waters

Returning Veterans Project

Support Your Vet


Veteran’s K-9 Corps


Wounded Warrior Project




You can contact me at:

ussbetelgeuse at



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